Our Sculptures | Helen and Asnat

We have chosen to work with railroad-tie oak wood in combination with Bronze.
Working with railroad –ties is challenging, both technically and artistically. Although initially they look similar, every piece is different and has its own character – like people: some are twisted, some are cracked, some are bent, and the years have left their marks and scars on them.
We try to preserve the natural form of the tie as far as possible. Often, it's the wood itself that determines for us the final shape of the sculpture. We listen to the wood, and to the clues emanating from it. Sometimes, we utilize the natural cracks in the wood to widen them, or to crack it open. It is our role to listen to the wood, and "deliver" the sculpture from within. 
The combination of bronze and wood creates a fascinating dialog between the two materials. Bronze and wood are opposing materials, bringing out the dark against the light, the rough against the smooth, the masculine against the feminine. Together - they create a complementing wholeness. The duality is emphasized by the general shape of the sculptures – tall and slender – human-like, man-like and woman-like. 
The final sculptures have a powerful defining presence, and one that interacts with their surroundings. While each sculpture can stand on its own, we find them especially appealing when grouped together. Their dialog and "human-like" appearance is thus more prominent, and their impact enhanced.